On Staten Island, Savoring flavors of Sri Lanka
Staten Island has historically been known for its Italian and Irish heritage, and more recently Russians and Liberians. However, in the last decade, the Sri Lankan population growth in the borough has created a “Little Sri Lanka” in the Tompkinsville and St. George neighborhoods. Continue reading here.


The Best Diners in New Jersey                                                                                                                   Diners are a staple of Jersey life and a nostalgic reminder of your past should you ever leave. These shrines to all things greasy and delicious serve as havens for late-night post-bar gatherings and breakfast for the weary and too lazy to cook. Nothing is more Jersey than a diner (except maybe the Shore and pizza). Click here to continue reading on Thrillist.

Everything You Need to Eat, Drink, See, and Do in Asbury Park This Summer
Asbury Park used to be known for nothing more than Bruce Springsteen and the fact that it was a largely abandoned Jersey town. In spite of its storied musical history (more on that later), Asbury Park was, for years, the one beach spot you didn’t go to for a relaxing Shore weekend. But that all changed in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, thanks to an influx of artists and people from the LGBT community who had been trickling in since the ‘50s. Click here to keep reading on Thrillist.

The New Nashville

The last time I visited Nashville, I wanted to meet a country star. I craved big ten gallon hats, hillbillies with long beards, the Grand Ole Opry, rhinestones, sequins, mullets, and a whole lot of southern accents. Serendipitously enough, my wish was granted. I ran into country star John Rich of the hugely successful duo Big & Rich at a trendy downtown bar. Having no knowledge of country music, I didn’t know who John Rich was until someone pointed out the gentleman. Continue reading here

Making Waves with Jon Rose

It’s 14C in New York and I’m struggling to stay warm as I walk from the subway to catch up with Jon Rose. I’m already 15 minutes late and Rudolph the Reindeer wasn’t the look I was going for when meeting pro surfer and founder of Waves for Water for the first time. Continue reading here.

Around the World in 80 Girls: Krakow

If what comes to mind when you think of Poland is pierogi and a dreary post-communist landscape dotted with old ladies in babushkas, you’ll be tickled pink by Krakow. As the royal capital of Poland for 500 years, this delightful city is a sea of Gothic, Renaissance, and Art Nouveau architecture. More importantly, Krakow was one of the few towns in the region not decimated by Germany’s World War II invasion, so its gorgeous buildings are intact…. Continue reading here.


Go: Charleston

Originally from New Orleans Tim Dennis has tattooed the likes of Tim McGraw, Lil’ Wayne, NFL player Anthony Hargrove. Life was all peachy keen inking people in the Big Easy until Hurricane Katrina came in and wiped out city. Devastated but determined to make a fresh start, Dennis and his wife relocated to Charleston opening their very own tattoo shop, …. Continue reading here.