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Go ahead and call me crazy
In my experience, the “crazy” talk often goes like this: Woman asks man a question. Man lies. Woman confronts him with the truth. Man doesn’t like that he was found out. Woman gets angry, sad, frustrated (otherwise known as expressing natural human emotion). Man calls woman crazy, psycho, emotional, hysterical or melodramatic. Click here to continue reading.


Passion Play
Studies show music is one of the best ways to set the mood. So why are men so bad at it? Here’s my plea for better playlists. Read the story here.


I Tried Sex Dust and Here’s What Happened
Forget oysters and chocolate. There’s a new, Gwyneth Paltrow-approved, distinctly 2016 way to up your sex drive: Sex Dust. I’ve never particularly needed help in the libido department, but like sleep and money I figure you can never get enough. If it could help a woman with a low libido, I reasoned that Sex Dust could theoretically turn me from Diana Prince to Wonder Woman—my sexual energy so powerful it could make a man wonder if he slept with a regular ol’ woman or a true sex goddess. Click here to read the rest on Marie Claire.


Partner Play
Recent surveys show 45% of Latina’s list dominance and submission as their fave sexual activity. Read the story here.

I Traded School for Sex for School
Why do so many women look to sugar daddies to pay  for college and more? Click here to see why.

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I Walked Out on Date with a Republican
I try to think of myself as an open-minded person. Though I am a pescatarian, feminist, democrat, I am open to dating people of all beliefs. I once dated a hunter. From Texas. Another time I dated a frat-boy football-playing type who thought transgender people were something you only saw on TV. (Fortunately, he soon realized that wasn’t true). And even more shockingly, I even….. Click here to continue reading.


The Girl’s Guide to Male Sex Toys
I talk to five women about the ins and outs of using male sex toys with their partners. Read the story here.


Putting the Cock Back in Rock.
Sex and rock n roll go together like condoms and lube. So where did the sex go? Read the story here.

Private Dicks
Are you sure you’re ready to hit send? Read my take on why you might not want to send that dick pic here.


I Rented a Date for My Friend’s Birthday Party
I was about to go on a date with a man I rented. Several thoughts raced through my mind: how on Earth did Richard Gere do this? Richard Gere was a character in Pretty Woman, not a real person. OK, fine — how do men do this? Goddamn it, if men can do it, women can too! This is really more Debra Messing in The Wedding Date than Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. Click here to read the story.


2 1/2 Hours
Handcuffs: Check. Swings and vibrators: Check. Sex outside on the hood of a car… in broad daylight: Check. But I had never done it in an hourly hotel. Curious? Read here.



My Ex-Boyfriend Was Addicted to Porn
Think porn addiction isn’t real? Think again. From erectile dysfunction to intimacy issues, M was seriously troubled. Read the story here.


Dating Disaster: He Smelled Like Hot Garbage
He was cute and scruffy and just my type. Unfortunately that dirty didn’t wash off. Read the story here.


Health Benefits of Kissing
Everyone knows kissing feels good, but did it know it can help you live a longer healthier life? Find out about the lesser known benefits of puckering up. Read the story here.


Dealbreaker: He Was in the Mob
He was cute, rich, and gorgeous. He also happened to be in the mafia. Read the story here.

Interview with a Voodoo Priestess
Love lessons from Bloody Mary. Read the story here.


Answers from a Hot Girl
My take on mens’ pressing problems. Read the answers here.


Flip Me: A New Kind of Calling Card
In the brave new world of dating, women get to give chase too. Read the story here.


Addicted to Love
The science behind sex and relationships. Read it here.

The Three Day Relationship
The story of one guy who came on a little too strong. Read it here.

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How to Write a Love Poem
I like to consider myself a wizard of wit and words. Except when it comes to writing a love poem. I’ve written articles. I’ve written greeting cards. I’ve written sticky notes. I’ve written extremely exciting text messages. I’ve written a term paper or 12. But a poem? Not so much. The closest thing I came to writing a poem was when I penned a song (songs are a kind of poetry no?) about the pigeon living on my balcony. Click here to continue reading.