Zach Hyman and Carrie Shaltz are attempting to get naked atop a cement dinosaur somewhere in Cali. No, they are not the newest members of Jackass. As the winners of art center 3rd Ward’s Open Call Contest for their project Glitterous, the photographers are trying to get a shot as part of their newest assignment, Preyground.Their adventures all started when the two met while working for photographer Patrick McMullan…Continue reading here.

We Never Forget-profiles

We Never Forget

Firefighter Joe Scarda was still a teacher on September 10, when he took his medical test for the fire academy. Though he wasn’t yet a firefighter, he was about to face his biggest challenge of all. Scarda, along with his class, was still inside their school when the first tower started to come crumbling down. The faculty brought the kids down to Battery Park to keep them safe, and afterward Scarda headed down to Ground Zero, thinking his certification in first aid and CPR would be helpful. But when he got down there, the area was a ghost town….Continue reading here.

 Sam Adams-profiles

Rye Rye

For my first scheduled interview with M.I.A.-protégé, Rye Rye, she was in fact M.I.A. I imagined that perhaps she was stuck in the studio dreaming up more dance-y day-glo beats her fans to bop to. Or maybe she was out shopping for sparkly tops with M.I.A. Or maybe she was just playing patty cakes with her little girl Kennedi and lost track of time. I was slightly bummed. I had taken a chaotic cab ride home with a non-English speaking driver in lieu of conducting the…. Continue reading here.


It’s 11pm when I call up Jesse McConnell in Kabul, Afghanistan. While I’m sitting comfortably by my computer munching on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, McConnell is getting ready for another day of work at the skateboarding school known as Skateistan.  Say what? Say yes. Believe it or not, in this intensely conservative and often sexist society, boys and girls of all ages and socioeconomic classes learn how to ride the concrete waves like a California tween…. Continue reading here.

Sharon Gault

Sharon Gault (aka Mama Makeup) is not your ordinary makeup artist. Part artiste and part muse, she is equally at home behind the camera as she is in front of it. After shooting to fame as Madonna’s hair stylist in Truth or Dare, Gault later became the go-to artist for Lady Gaga–doing her make-up  in such videos as “Poker Face”, “Love Game”, “Paparazzi”, “Dirty Rich” and her iconic Rolling Stone cover shot by David LaChappelle. Continue reading here.