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aboutOnce upon a time in an exotic land called New Jersey, I used to dream of one day playing tambourine in an all-girl rock band. That never happened.

Instead I became a writer. Once I realized not a single American (the French totally ace it) could say my name without a 20 minute explanation and/or sounding like they are choking I gave up on “Reshma” and started going by “Rachel”.

I’ve written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, Playboy, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan among others. I also run a gift store, Crimson and Clover Studio, which is sold online and nationwide in stores.

When I’m not writing or designing, I am busy drinking wine and singing off key, bike riding, pretending I’m friends with Mindy Kaling, eating absurd amounts of cheese, or listening to rock music at an appallingly loud volume. Sometimes all at once.

Questions or comments? Email me using the contact form. Professional paying inquires ONLY. All other emails will be deleted.